How to Recycle a Car Battery the Easy Way

Car batteries are the most recycled product in the US. However many car owners will delay changing their car battery because they don’t know the correct way to dispose of their old one. The good news for car owners is that there are different recycling options for you.

Current legislation makes it so you can’t just dispose of your battery in a landfill site without first going through a clean up process. In the past, many people used to dump their battery in one of these landfill sites. But this is the wrong thing to do since it’s harmful to the environment, and especially harmful to the air, water, and soil. Recycling the proper way will help protect the environment.

Battery Recycling Can Be Easy

Handling Your Battery

When handling a car battery, it’s important to remember to wear protective clothing. This is important because the acid in the battery has the ability to burn your clothing and skin. If that doesn’t scare you then you should also know that battery acid can cause blindness. Also, you should disconnect the battery right before you remove or inspect it and make sure you remove the negative cable first. If a battery has any severe damage or cracks you will need to contact a qualified mechanic or breakdown assistance center to remove it. It’s also recommended to keep your car battery upright at all times when handling it.

Where to Take Your Old Battery

Some retailers that sell new lead acid batteries will collect used batteries for recycling. However sometimes there may be a service fee to pay. Another option is to find a recycling center in your local area. You can find one by using a phone book, yellow pages, or web search. There are some recyclers that may pay you for your old batteries.

If you have a hybrid car battery then the same process usually applies. However fewer centers and retailers may accept a hybrid battery for recycling. You should contact them first to check. Another option is to contact hybrid car manufacturers such as Honda- they may even offer to pay for your battery.

The actual process of recycling a car battery is a complicated matter, regardless of the battery’s size. Basically, the battery is dissected into different materials which can include: plastic, acid, lead, or silver. A crusher will then breakdown the battery and the valuable lead or silver will be extracted. The silver or lead is then melted.

Learning to do the recycling yourself is a great idea for a number of reasons. First, you are helping to care for the local environment. Second, you are not breaking any laws- dumping your battery somewhere could result in steep fines or possible criminal charges. Lastly, many recyclers may pay for your battery since the metals can be valuable. When you take everything into account, recycling your battery is a great idea.

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