AC Delco Car Battery Review and Guide

AC Delco is leading the way in the automotive industry and has been doing it for over 100 years. Many people actually relate AC Delco and GM together because they make OEM parts specifically for GM vehicles. The parts they make are still aftermarket. However, they are made to meet or exceed manufacturer specs and the same is true for the batteries they make. These batteries are made and designed with your GM vehicle in mind. In addition, they say that if it can travel on asphalt, water, or snow, there is a very good chance that they have a battery that can power it. Bestcovery actually rated it as the “Best Car Battery for Value” when doing the AC Delco car battery review.

Types and Quality

Best Used For


Professional Gold

  • Cars

  • 1500/2500 trucks

  • Pickups

  • SUVs
  • 42 month free replacement

Professional Silver

  • Cars

  • 1500/2500 trucks

  • Pickups

  • SUVs
  • 30 month free replacement


  • Cars

  • SUVs
  • 18 month free replacement

Advantage Battery

  • Cars

  • SUVs

  • Marine vehicles
  • 18 month free replacement

Voyager Battery

  • Motor homes

  • RVs

  • Boats and marine vehicles
  • 12 month free replacement

Heavy-Duty Battery

  • 2500 trucks and higher

  • Big rigs

  • Busses

  • Commercial fleet vehicles
  • No free replacement warranty available

Extended Range (EREV) Electric Vehicle Battery

  • Specifically made for the electrical demands of the Chevy Volt
  • 20 month free replacement


AC Delco Features

One of the best features of the AC Delco brand is the standard design of the battery. Since the batteries all have a basic standard build, the consistency of each battery is solid. It’s one of the reasons why GM chose AC Delco to be their primary aftermarket company.

Some of the features include:

  • Professional grade
    • Vented caps to eliminate leakage
    • Integrated handle to assist in installing
    • Solidium low porosity intercell weld
    • Negative paste formulation
    • Fully framed positive grid
    • Enveloped separator to resist punctures
  • Advantage grade
    • High quality intercell weld
    • Tin/calcium alloy
    • Envelope separator to resist punctures

All of the batteries are 100% pressure tested and 100% short tested before being shipped.

Where to buy

AC Delco can be purchased at virtually every auto parts store around the country. You can find a service center or retailer by visiting their website here. You can also purchase them through and most Chevrolet dealerships. Most online stores have a section for people to write a comment or two. An AC Delco car battery review is an important buying help, so take a minute to read the reviews. AC Delco makes a battery for 98% of the cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans on the road so finding the right one should not be too difficult.


Since I have been a mechanic for the better part of two decades, I have changed hundreds of batteries. I am a firm believer in using OEM parts. You should put back what came in it from the factory. AC Delco does break that one rule for me. Even though AC Delco is still an aftermarket brand, the part they make are the closest to OEM you can get. They are built and designed for Chevrolet, but are able to be used in other vehicles too for an added bonus. When you can have over 40 different lines of products and over 90,000 parts, there is really no reason not to trust them. When you look at an AC Delco car battery review, you will clearly see why I trust them and why they are a great value for the money.

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